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Silicone Monomer Introduction

Silicone monomer is a general term for all kinds of methyl chlorosilanes obtained by reacting silica powder with chloromethane, which is called crude monomer. Silicone monomer is the raw material for the preparation of silicone oil, silicone rubber, silicone resin and silane coupling agent, and thousands of silicone products can be produced from several basic monomers.Silicone monomers are mainly: methyl chlorosilane (referred to as methyl monomer), phenyl chlorosilane (referred to as phenyl monomer). Methyl chlorosilane accounts for more than 90% of the total amount of silicone monomers. Phenyl monomer is also synthesized with methyltrimethylsilane, magnesium, halogenated stupid and other materials.

Methyl monomer are mainly: Methyltrichlorosilane, Dimethyldichlorosilane, Chlorotrimethylsilane, Methyl dichlorosilane.

CAS NO.Product Name
75-79-6Methyltrichlorosilane (M1 / MTCS)
75-78-5Dimethyldichlorosilane (DMCS / M2)
75-77-4Chlorotrimethylsilane (M3)
75-54-7Methyldichlorosilane (MH)
N /ASpecial Modified Silicone Monomer | (Contact Risso)

Methyltrichlorosilane (M1/MTCS)


Dimethyldichlorosilane (M2/DMCS)


Chlorotrimethylsilane (M3)


Methyldichlorosilane (MH)

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Packaging Specifications

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Silicone Monomer: Guide

As the production of raw materials for the production of a small number of silicone monomers, including dimethyl dichlorosilane on the point of more than 90% of the total amount of monomers, followed by phenylchlorosilane, in addition, trimethylchlorosilane, ethyl and propylchlorosilane, vinylchlorosilane and so on, but also the production of certain varieties of indispensable raw materials.

Silicone monomers are widely used in the preparation of a variety of high-temperature, irradiation and other special features of the silicone oil, silicone rubber and silicone resin. At the same time, it can also be used as anti-crosslinking agent and structural control agent of silicone rubber to improve the flexibility, strength and ductility of silicone rubber.

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