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Silicone Rubber

Silicone Rubber Introduction

107 Low Viscosity Methyl Silicone Rubber

107 Low Viscosity Methyl Silicone Rubber


107 Medium Viscosity Silicone Rubber


107 High Viscosity Silicone Rubber




Liquid Silicone Rubber


Silicone Rubber Compounds

Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications

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Silicone Rubber: Guide

As a manufacturer of silicone rubber, RissoChem has dozens of types of formulations. For example, according to the vulcanization temperature, silicone rubber can be divided into high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. In terms of packaging form, it can be divided into one-component and two-component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. According to the degree of polymerization, silicone rubber can also be divided into mixed silicone rubber and liquid silicone rubber.
As a typical silicone rubber, usually has the following advantages:
1. Heat resistance: can be used almost forever at 150 degrees Celsius without any change in performance; can be used for 10,000 hours at 200 degrees Celsius. ….
2. Cold resistance: can be used at extremely low temperatures, ordinary rubber like -20 degrees -30 degrees, Risso’s silicone rubber still has good elasticity at -60 degrees ~ -70 degrees …
3. weather resistance: 4. electrical properties: 5 conductivity: 6. thermal conductivity: 7. radiation resistance: 8. flame retardant: 9. air permeability:

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