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Phenyl based Silicones Fluids

Risso PM-50, PM-125 & PPM-500 Silicone Fluids are clear, colorless and odorless Phenylmethylsiloxane Fluids with viscosities measured @ 25°C.

PM-50 is a low phenyl content fluid with a viscosity of 50cSt. In comparison to PDMS Silicones, PM-50 has much higher thermal stability and remains stable at 200°C (open system). Unlike PM-125 & PPM-500, its viscosity remains pourable at low temperatures. This is critical for chiller baths and heat transfer systems that need to circulate and pump the fluid at low temperatures….. >> More

PM-125 is a high content Phenylmethyl Silicone Fluid with a viscosity of 125cSt @ 25C. It remains stable at 250°C open system for approximately 1,200 to 1,500 hours (continuous usage) without breakdown. In closed system, it remains stable at 300C. PM-125 is our most recommended high temp laboratory bath fluid / high temperature heat transfer fluid…. >> More

PPM-500 is a 100% Phenylmethyl Silicone Fluid with a viscosity of 500cSt @ 25°C. It is most often used for optics applications that require the highest Refractive index value (RI 1.533). For high temp bath fluid/heat transfer applications, the lower viscosity of PM-125 makes it a better choice…. >>More

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Packaging Specifications

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Phenyl based Silicones Fluids: Guide

PM Silicone Fluids replace the methyl groups found in conventional PDMS Silicone oils with Phenyl groups. In doing so, thermal stability and resistance to oxidation are significantly increased. The fluids are further characterized by their high dielectric strength, stability at extreme pressures, good heat capacity values, higher RI values, stability under shear, excellent lubricity and inertness to virtually all substrates.

PM-125 and PPM-500 have higher RI values (1.505 & 1.533) than conventional PDMS Silicone oils. They are excellent optical fluids for use in sensor /imaging / LED and Photonics technologies that require a high RI value.

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