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Silicone Rubber Compounds

Chemical Name:Silicone Rubber Compounds
Alias::Methyl Vinyl Mix Silicone Rubber
Product Category:Silicone Rubber Product
CAS NO.:63394-02-5
Synonyms:Silicone Rubber; Cyanosilicone Rubber; Silicone (Oxygen) Rubber; Polysiloxane-11.
Molecular Formula:C2H6OSi
Molecular Weight:74.154
EINECS Number:613-211-3
Category:Silicon Dioxide Series, Synthetic Rubber Type.
Appearance:Milky White/ Translucent

Silicone Rubber Compounds Introduction

Silicone rubber compounds is also known as high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (HTV). Silicone rubber compounds are composed of unique raw silicone rubber gum and high purity silica. They offer a number of advantages not found in other organic rubbers. Silicone rubbers have superior heat and cold resistance, electrical properties and good chemical stability. They are used in nearly every industry to improve the quality and functionality of products.
Methyl Vinyl Silicone Rubber Compound High Transparent Molding Silicone Rubber Compound (Fumed Silica Grade)
Hardness/Shore A20-90
Tensile Strength (MPa) ≥3
Tear Strength (kN/m) ≥10
Elongation /% ≥100
Tensile Set /% ≤10
Rebound /%35-80
Recommendations on formulation and use: Better transparency. Vulcanized by DBPH, applicable to manufacture molding parts for medical equipment and food grade products



Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications
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Silicone Rubber Compounds: Guide

Silicone rubber compounds have excellent physical properties and resistance to high and low temperatures, and are suitable for the production of color-added products. It can be vulcanized with “double-2,5” vulcanizing agent and used for the production of all kinds of electronic and electrical keys, seals, gaskets and other general industrial miscellaneous parts.

It can be vulcanized with “Bis-2,4” vulcanizing agent and used for the production of all kinds of wires, cables, silicone rubber hoses, rubber strips and so on.

Silicone rubber compounds vulcanized physical properties, high temperature, low temperature, aging resistance and other outstanding performance, can be in -60 ~ 200 seven normal long-term use, the product resilience is good, transparency and whiteness is better than the ordinary type.
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