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Orthosilicate, also known as 4-(1-methylpropyl)silicate, is an organic silicon compound. Its chemical formula is C8Hl8O4Si, and its structure contains one silicon atom and four organic groups.
Tetramethoxysilane cas 681-84-5


Tetraethoxysilane cas 78-10-4


Tetrapropoxysilane CAS 682-01-9


Tetrabutylorthosilane cas 4766-57-8


Triethoxysilane CAS 998-30-1


Ethyl silicate-40 CAS 11099-06-02

Ethyl Silicate 32

Ethyl silicate-40 CAS 11099-06-02

Ethyl Silicate 40

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Packaging Specifications

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Orthosilicate: Guide

4-(1-Methylpropyl)orthosilicate has a variety of applications. First, it is widely used as a synthetic intermediate for silicone materials. Silicone materials are widely used in various industrial fields such as coatings, adhesives, and sealants due to their unique physical and chemical properties.
4-(1: Methylpropyl) orthosilicate, as an important intermediate in the synthesis of silicone, provides key raw materials for the preparation of high-performance silicone materials.
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