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Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

Chemical Name:Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
Product Category:Silicone Rubber – Product
CAS NO.:112926-00-8
HS Code:3910000000
Certification:ISO, FDA, REACH, RoHS
Appearance:Colorless transparent without mechanical impurity
Origin:China, Shandong
Product Standard:Q/RSGY 008-2021

Liquid Silicone Rubber Introduction

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) CAS 112926-00-8, It is a two-component system, where long polysiloxane chains are reinforced with specially treated silica. Component A contains a platinum catalyst and Component B contains methylhydrogensiloxane as a cross-linker and an alcohol inhibitor.

Liquid Silicone Rubber has good fluidity, fast vulcanization, injection molding with good process ability and mechanical property. CAS 112926-00-8 silicone rubber suitable for coating materials, coating grade high transparency silicone rubber products such as baby products ,kitchenware and swimming wears.
Product NameLiquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
Hardness (Shore a):10-30
Elongation (%):>=500
Mix Ratio:1:1
Raw Material:Natural Rubber
UMaterial:Silicone Rubber
Technical Specification:Customized Base on Your Requirements
CharacteristicsShelf LifeTransparent
ApplicationBaby Care Parts /Respiratory Mask /Automotive
AdvantagesHigh Clarity, High Tear Strength, Excellent Rebo
Delivery Time:15-25days After First Sample Confirming
Transport Package:20 Kg Pails or 220 Kg Iron Drums.
Package Size:50.00cm * 50.00cm * 100.00cm
Shelf Life:12 Months
Origin:China Shandong
Production Capacity:5000tons/Month

Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications
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Liquid Silicone Rubber: Guide

Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR) is widely used in medical, life sciences, automotive industries, consumer products, and industrial & special application products. LSR is chosen because of its unique characteristics.

CAS 112926-00-8 silicone rubber is an inorganic polymer formed by silicon (Si), oxygen (O), carbon (C) and hydrogen (H). The main chemical chain called the backbone, is formed by silicon and oxygen, called siloxane.To achieve its final characteristics, catalysts are added during the curing process creating a chemical bond between the backbones called crosslinks. Platinum and peroxide are two chemicals used in this curing process, LSR is a platinum-cured silicone rubber. Platinum-cured silicone rubbers offer benefits over peroxide-cured silicone rubbers including improved tensile strength and tear strength, clarity and consistency, and do not leave behind peroxide residue.
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