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Methyl phenyl Silicone Resin

Phenyl Silicone Resin

Chemical Name:Methyl Phenyl Silicone Resin
Product Category:Silicone Resin Product
Appearance:Colorless transparent to light yellow liquid.
Solid content  %:50±1
Viscosity  s/T-4,25℃:25-75
Drying time:≤2h/200℃
Heat tolerance:>200h/200℃
Loss on heat   3h/250℃,%:≤3

Phenyl Silicone Resin Describe

Phenyl silicone resin has good high temperature performance, hydrophobic and moisture-proof performance, electrochemical insulation, arc corona resistance, weather resistance and chemical stability, can be used for a long time under the condition of 300±5℃.
The resin has good hardness, fast drying, and can be used with alkyd, acrylic, epoxy and other organic resins with the preparation of a variety of uses of heat-resistant coatings, but also with the preparation of H-class insulating varnish and a variety of high-temperature mold release agent.
Phenyl silicone resin RB201


This series resin has good high temperature performance, hydrophobic moisture resistance, electrical insulation, Arc resistance corona, weather resistance and chemical stability, could be long-term use under the conditions of 300 ± 5 ℃. The resin has good hardness and fast drying, could be cooperate with organic resin like alkyd、acrylic acid and epoxy, to make up many kinds heat resistance paints for various application, and to make up H grade insulating paint and various high temperature release agent.

Technical data:
AppearanceLight yellow to yellow transparent liquid, allowing opalescence, no mechanical impurities
Viscosity 25℃,mPas5-50
Solid content(%)60
drying conditionIron Horse mouth sheet(200℃)≤2h
Heat resistancealuminum sheet (250℃)≥500h
thermal weight loss (250℃×3hr)%≤5

Mainly used as basic resin for heat resistant paints and special paints, and also generally used for heat resistant insulating impregnating varnish、 coating varnish(varnish、colored paint、enamel paint and etc.) , H grade electrical insulating material.

Usage and Dosage:

This product is made by high temperature roast solidification, 200~220℃ for 1 hour.


1.The diluting solvent used in it should not contain moisture, sulfur compound pyridine and other impurities; otherwise it will influence the adhesive force, dryness and other properties.

2. There will be a lot of xylene and other flammable, toxic solvents evaporate during the production process, we should pay special attention to strengthening the field of ventilation, attention to fire safety, strict cut off the source of fire. The operator should pay attention to labor protection.

3.The processing equipment, utensils must be clean during the production process. To prevent dust、foreign matter and water.

Phenyl silicone resin RB-1053

Resin properties and uses:

This product has excellent high temperature performance and water repellent and moisture resistant performance and good electrical insulation properties, arc corona resistance performance. Its weather resistance and chemical stability is also very good.


Appearancelight yellow to colorless transparent liquid, allows light milk light, no mechanical impurities
Solid content50±1%
Viscosity20~60 seconds (No 4 cup)
Acid value≤4mgKOH/g
Film Hardness:≥1H

Curing method

This product uses the high temperature curing,200~220℃ for 1 hour。


The diluted solvent used for this product shall not contain water, pyridine and impurities containing sulfur compounds, otherwise it will affect the adhesion, dry and other properties of the resin paint film.

This product is used in the process of processing equipment, containers must be clean. To prevent dust and foreign bodies and mixed with water.

This product in the processing process, there will be a large number of xylene and other flammable and explosive, toxic solvents volatile out, should pay attention to strengthen the field of ventilation, pay attention to fire, strictly avoid the fire source. Operator should pay attention to labor protection.

Acid, alkali, salt of organic acid and amine compounds have accelerated curing effect on this product, and affects heat resistance and electric properties. Therefore, this product should be kept in strict isolation from these substances.


The product storage period is tentatively scheduled for one year.
This product
should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, prevent sun direct radiation;
prevent the serious pollution of acid, alkali and should be cut off from the source of the fire and away from the heat source.


200/20KGS Iron Bucket.

For more Class A Methylphenyl silicone resin, you can consult online or leave us a message. If you need to customize the corresponding Class A Methylphenyl silicone resin, RissoChem can also customize it as required.

Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications
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Phenyl Silicone Resin : Guide

Phenyl silicone resin is mainly used as the base resin for heat-resistant coatings and special coatings, and is also generally used for heat-resistant insulating impregnating paints, paint varnishes (varnishes, color paints, magnetic paints, etc.), and H-grade electrical insulating materials.The dilution solvent used for this product shall not contain water, pyridine and impurities containing sulfur compounds, otherwise it will affect the adhesion, drying and other properties of the resin paint film.

Processing equipment and containers during the use of this product must be clean. Prevent dust, foreign matter and water from mixing.During the processing of this product, a large amount of xylene and other flammable and explosive, toxic solvents will be volatilized, attention should be paid to strengthening the ventilation of the site, pay attention to fire prevention, and strictly avoid sources of ignition. Operators should pay attention to labor protection.

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