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Vinyl Terminated Silicone Fluid

Vinyl Terminated Silicone Oil

Chemical Name:Vinyl Terminated Silicone Fluid
Product Category:Silicone FluidsProducts
Structural Formula:68083-19-2-1
CAS No.:68083-19-2
Molecular Formula:C8H18OSi2
Molecular Weight:186.3989

Vinyl Terminated Silicone Oil Description

Vinyl Terminated Silicone Fluid / Oil is belongs to the addition polymer and has the physical properties of organic polymer as the modifier. It can be used for surface lubrication, scratch resistance, internal lubrication, demoulding effect, internal mold release agents, low temperature compliance, plasticizers, thermal stability, electrical insulation, weather resistancer, waterproof, gas permeability, thermoplastic extrusion promotion, etc.
Product TypeViscosity (25℃) /mPa>sVinyl Content /%Volatile (150℃,2h) /%W
Other Names:Vinyl Terminated Polydimethyl Siloxane
Density:0.965 g/mL at 25ºC(lit.)
Boiling Point:>93ºC(lit.)
Melting Point:>-60ºC
Flash Point:>93ºC(lit.)
Product StandardT/FSI018-2019
AppearanceTransparent liquid without mechanical impurities
Use1、Used as the base material for producing high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, with crosslinking agent, reinforcing agent, coloring agent, structure control agent, aging resistance agent, etc., mixing and preparing high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber raw rubber; 2, used to make liquid silicone rubber, is the main raw material for injection thermoforming silicone rubber; for example, is the main raw material for high tear-resistant mold adhesive, high-grade electronic potting adhesive; 3, and polyurethane, acrylic and other organic materials, can be made into a superior performance (weathering, aging, UV resistance, enhanced toughness, etc.) of the new material.
Storage and HandlingStorage at a cool, dry and well-ventilated place and keep away from fire; rain, moisture and sunshine. Avoid to contact with strong acid and alkali. It is nonhazardous substance. Be careful when loading and unloading to avoid damages of the package.
Remarks: Other specifications will be followed according to the contract.

Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications
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Vinyl Terminated Silicone Fluid: Guide

Risso production of double-capped vinyl silicone oil, non-toxic and tasteless, the two ends of the vinyl, has a strong reactivity, under the action of the catalyst, can be reacted with the chemical substances containing active hydrogen groups, other active groups, the preparation of a variety of special performance of the silicone products, and in the process of the reaction no other low molecular matter released, the reaction of the deformation of a small amount.
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