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Polyether modified Silicone Oil

Polyether modified silicone oil

Chemical Name:Polyether modified silicone oil
Alias:RS-SO210 Polyether silicone oil
Product Category:Silicone Fluids Product
Structural Formula:Polyether-modified-silicone-oil-300x108
Viscosity (25℃):800~4000CS
Refractive Index:1.442~1.443
Cloud Point:47℃

Polyether modified silicone oil Description

Polyether modified silicone oil is a kind of silicone nonionic surfactant with unique performance made by graft copolymerization of polyether and dimethylsiloxane. In the production of products, a variety of silicone surfactants with different performance can be obtained by modifying the number of chain links of silicone oil, or changing the ratio of Eo and Po of polyether, as well as changing the number of chain links and terminal groups to satisfy the needs of a variety of industries.
AppearanceLight yellow transparent oily liquid
Ionic PropertiesNon-Ionic
Specific Gravity (25℃)0.97~0.98
Viscosity (25℃)800~4000CS
Refractive Index1.442~1.443
Cloud Point47℃
Active Ingredients≥97%
Product Usage:1. in the plastic greenhouse industry: can be added to the plastic as an additive, used in the production of non-drip film greenhouses to prevent fog, improve light transmittance.
2. Used in fabric finishing agent: softening effect, especially suitable for underwear, bed sheets, towels and other finishing, not only soft, but also absorbent and sweat, comfortable to wear.
3. Used in paint and polyurethane slurry leveling agent, can reduce the internal friction of its molecules, stress, so as to play the role of leveling, defoaming.
4. It is used to make high efficient cutting fluid and high grade cleaning agent.
5. It is used as leveling agent for the foaming of hard foam polyurethane system to make the foam holes fine and uniform.
6. It is used in cosmetic industry to make cream products, lubricating skin, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect.
7. It is used as wetting and spreading agent of glyphosate in pesticide industry to improve the efficacy and reduce the pollution.
8. Polyether modified silicone oil is the key ingredient in the preparation of self-emulsifying antifoam agent and delayed coking antifoam agent in oil refining industry.
9. Other unexhausted new application fields.

When used as leveling agent, the amount added to the system is 0.1~1%;

When used as softener, the content is 1-5% in the dipping or impregnating liquid;

When used as cosmetic additives, the amount added to the system is 2.5-5%;

For other applications, the amount to be added should be selected from 0.1 to 10% by reference or be determined through pioneering experiments.

PrecautionsUnder high temperature or mixed with acid and alkali substances and long storage period has the tendency to increase viscosity and even crosslinking.
Packaging and Storage

1. Packed in 50kg plastic drums and 200kg galvanized iron drums.

2. Store in dry and cool place, avoid contact with strong acid and alkali.

3. This product is non-dangerous goods, and can be transported as general goods.

Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications
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Polyether modified silicone oil: Guide

Polyether modified silicone oil has good lubricity, suitable for making high-grade cutting fluid; With lower surface tension, suitable for anti-fogging agent.
Better softness and anti-static properties, suitable for use as fabric softener. Good leveling properties, suitable for adding in a variety of resins (polyurethane resins, paint resins, plastic resins, etc.), can improve the intermolecular stress of these resins, to overcome the shortcomings of these resins themselves, to obtain new properties.
It has good emulsion-breaking properties and is suitable for oil-water separation in some specific applications.
In other new areas of application, this silicone oil and polydimethylsiloxane compared to any proportion of water and water miscible, but also with polar organic solvents such as alcohols, DMF, ether, ester, etc., and non-polar solvents such as toluene, alkanes and other partially or completely soluble. It is convenient to use.
Since this product is a series of products, users who need special specifications can contact our factory for customization.
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