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White Carbon Black

Chemical Name:White Carbon Black
Alias:White carbon black Hydrophilic precipitated silica
Product Category:White Carbon BlackProuct
CAS No.:10279-57-9
Chemical Composition:SiO2 • nH2O
Product Standard:RS/T 3061-2009
Melting Point/Freezing Point1610℃
Boiling Point/Range:>100℃
Density (25℃)2. 6g/cm3

White Carbon Black Describe

White Carbon Black(CAS 10279-57-9) also known as Precipitated Silica. It is a general term for white powdered X-ray amorphous silicic acid and silicate products, mainly white carbon black, fumed silica and ultrafine silica gels, but also powdered synthetic aluminum silicate and calcium silicate.

White Carbon Black is a porous substance whose composition can be expressed as SiO2-nH2O, where nH2O exists in the form of surface hydroxyl groups. Precipitated Silica is soluble in caustic soda and hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in water, solvents and acids (except hydrofluoric acid). Precipitated Silica is high temperature resistant, non-flammable, odorless, tasteless, tasteless, and has good electrical insulation.
SiO2/% 2:90
Molecular formula:SiO2·xH2O
molecular weight:60.08
Appearance:White solid
Loss on ignition:20.0~28.0%
Non-volatile matter:≤0.4%
Chloride(Cl) :≤0.005%
Sulfate(SO4) :≤0.02%
Iron(Fe) :≤0.005%
Heavy metals(as Pb) :≤0.01%
Density:2.6 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Melting point :1610 °C(lit.)
Boiling Point :>100 °C(lit.)
Water solubility:Insoluble in water.
Refractive index :n20/D 1.544(lit.)
Storage Conditions :no restrictions.
Form :tablets (~0.5 g each)
Explosive Limit Value :NIOSH: IDLH 3000 mg/m3; TWA 6 mg/m3
Oil absorption value/(cm2/g) :2. 0-3. 5

What is Hydrated Silica?

Hydrated silica, also known as white carbon black, is mainly composed of silica, a white amorphous powder, light and loose, soluble in caustic soda and hydrofluoric acid, and insoluble in water, solvent and acid It is mainly used as light color reinforcing agent, lubricant and insulating material in rubber industry. It can be prepared by reacting dilute sodium silicate solution with dilute hydrochloric acid.
ItemTypical valueTesting Method
Silica content(based on ignited material) ,wt%>99.8%GB/T 20020
Specific surface area (BET), m2/g200+-15GB/T 20020
Carbon content(Based on drying at 105ºC for 2 hours) ,wt%<0.15GB/T 20020
PH-value in 4% dispersion3.7-4.5GB/T 20020
Moisture loss on drying 2 hour at 105ºC, wt%<1.5GB/T 20020
Ignition loss 2 hours at 1000ºC based on material dried for 2 hours at 105ºC, wt%<2.0GB/T 20020
Sieve residue(45um), wt%<0.04GB/T 20020
Tamped Density(Based on drying at 105ºC for 2 hours) ,g/L40-60GB/T 20020

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White Carbon Black : Guide

White Carbon Black is a hydrophilic, high purity white colloidal powder. Due to its small particle size and large specific surface area, it has excellent surface adsorption capacity, good dispersion properties, and good heat resistance, etc. With its excellent properties, it can be used as reinforcing filler, excipient and carrier in elastomers. It can be used as reinforcing fillers, excipients and carriers in elastomers.

Precipitated Silica can also be used to control the rheology and thixotropy of liquid systems, adhesives and polymers. It is also used as anticoagulant, thickener, anti-sagging agent, and to improve the free flow and anti-caking properties of powder.
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