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107 Medium Viscosity Methyl Silicone Rubber

Chemical Name:107 Medium Viscosity Methyl Silicone Rubber
Alias:OH POLYMER – 107, RTV, Silicone Rubber, 107 Silicone
Product Category:CAS 70131-67-8 Silicone Rubber | Product
CAS NO.:70131-67-8
Viscocity (25°C,mpa.s)1500~8000±500 (as per the request of customer)
Volatile matter≤1.5 (150℃, 3h) wt%
Surface curing time:≤2 (h)
Hardness:≥30 (HA)
Metal ion content ppm:≤20

107 Medium Viscosity Silicone Rubber

107 Medium Viscosity Methyl Silicone Rubber is a silicone polymer with terminal hydroxyl groups, its chemical name is α,ω-dihydroxy polydimethylsiloxane. It is a colorless transparent viscous liquid at room temperature. It can be reacted with cross-linking agents and catalysts at room temperature to serve as the base polymer for silicone rubber.

According to the size of the viscosity, we will be divided into three types: 350-1100mpa.s is called Low-viscosity silicone rubber, 2500-80000mpa.s called Medium-viscosity silicone rubber, higher than 80000mpa.s uniformly known as High-viscosity silicone rubber.
Product NameRoom Temperature  Vulcanised Silicone Rubber (Methyl RTV 107 / OH Polymer)
SynonymsSilanol terminated polydimethylsiloxane;Polysiloxanes di-Mehydroxy-terminated
Density (g/m3) (25°C)0.96-0.98
Refraction (25°C)1.401
Viscosity (25°C/mpa.s)350/550/650/850/1000/ 1500/2000/5000/10000/ 20000/50000/100000
Applications1. Serve as a basic gum for anti-blocking treatment of papers. 2. Serve as the main reactant in insulation paint or component in insulator. 3. Serve as basic gum and diluents of condensed RTV silicone rubber. 4. Substitute dimethylsilicone, can be easily emulsified.
Package200L/Drum, or 1t/IBC
Storagestorage at ventilating and dry place and prevention from water, heat and fire
Shelf Life24 Months
Usage1. Normally it is used with addition of curing agent for cross-linking and curing. When used in treatment of anti-stick paper, coupling agent should be added.2. Normally content of curing agent is 3~5% of basic gum. Content of coupling agent is 0.5~1% of basic gum.3. It is recommended to dilute the basic gum to 10 times of original volume before adding the curing agent or coupling agent. Agitate until uniform before coating on the substrate surface. The curing reaction typically performed at normal or elevated temperature. Curing needs more than 30 min under normal room temperature and 30 sec if temperature is between 120℃~150℃.4. Solvent-free for sealant and mould basic gum. After adding curing agent, agitate un

Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications
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107 Methyl Silicone Rubber Medium Viscosity: Guide

107 Medium Viscosity Silicone Rubber is a colorless, transparent, viscous liquid that can be reacted with cross-linking agents and catalysts at room temperature to serve as the base polymer for silicone rubber. The cured silicone rubber can maintain elasticity for a long time in the range of -60~200℃. It has excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, water and moisture resistance, non-toxic, insulation, shockproof, low shrinkage, etc. It is widely used in building inlays, insulation of electronic components, shockproof-moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, molding of rubber products, mold releasing, as well as leather slippery agent, lubricant, etc.; it is also a basic material
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