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Phenyl Vinyl Silicone Oil

Chemical Name:Phenyl Vinyl Silicone Oil
Alias:RS-SO208 Phenyl Vinyl Silicone Oil
Product Category:Silicone FluidsProducts
Structural Formula:68951-96-2
CAS No.:68951-96-2
Molecular Formula:C18H26O3Si3
Molecular Weight:374.65374

Phenyl Vinyl Silicone Oil Description

Phenyl Vinyl Silicone Oil is vinyl-containing methyl phenyl linear body, the appearance of room temperature for the transparent viscous liquid, mainly used in the manufacture of high-power high refractive LED silicone encapsulation adhesive, optoelectronics, electronics and microelectronics industry, potting, sealing, adhesive and coating, high transmittance, high hardness lenses and the user’s own development of other uses.
Density1.036g/mL at 25°C
Melting Point<0°C
Boiling Point>400°C(lit.)
Flash Point>230°F
Refractive Indexn20/D 1.465
Storage ConditionsRoom Temperature
AppearanceAppearance, clear and transparent, no odor.
ApplicationSilicone hydroxyl emulsion, fabric, paper, leather treatment agent, silicone rubber structure control agent, various polysiloxane intermediates
  • IBC package, net weight 20kg, 200KG.
Storage and Handling
  • Keep it in a cool, diy and ventilated place. Prevention from direct sunlight, is olation from fire sources and keep away fi,om heat sources.
Remarks: In addition to the above, special specifications shall be determined through negotiation between the seller and the buyer.

Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications
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Phenyl Vinyl Silicone Oil: Guide

Phenyl Vinyl Silicone Oil cured film hardness, high refractive index, good light transmission, with a strong The hardness of the cured film is large, the refractive index is high, the light transmission is good, it has strong solvent resistance, water resistance and ablative radiation resistance, meanwhile, it has good performance of high temperature resistance, and it does not increase the stickiness. The product has the advantages of strong aging resistance, good UV resistance and no yellowing in long-term use.
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