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Hydrogen Terminated Silicone Oil

Hydrogen Terminated Silicone Oil

Chemical Name:Hydrogen Terminated Silicone Oil
Product Category:Silicone FluidsProducts
Structural Formula:Hydrogen-Terminated-Silicone-Oil
CAS No.:70900-21-9
Molecular Formula:C6H20O2Si3
Molecular Weight:208.4783

Hydrogen Terminated Silicone Oil Description

Hydroxy Terminated Silicone Oil(CAS 70900-21-9) also known as Hydroxy Terminated Polydimethylsiloxane. It is the basic intermediate raw material of hydrosily lation reaction, which is often used to manufacture various linear modified silicone fluid with terminal hydrogen reactivity, and it is the key intermediate of block copoly merization reaction.
Product TypeSi-H ContentViscosity (25℃)/(mm2/s)Volatile Substances (150℃,1.5h)
Density0.971g/mL at 25°C
Boiling Point230°C(lit.)
Flash Point215°F
Refractive indexn20/D 1.406
Storage ConditionsRoom Temperature
Specific gravity0.90
AppearanceColorless transparent without visible impurities
  • Used in the manufacture of various end-group reactive linear modified silicone oils.
  • It is the key intermediate of block copolymerization reaction.
  • As a chain extender for additive molding liquid silicone rubber, crosslinking agent for additive molding hot vulcanized silicone rubber.
  • IBC package, net weight 950kg/lBC.
Storage and Handling
  • Keep it in a cool, diy and ventilated place. Prevention from direct sunlight, is olation from fire sources and keep away fi,om heat sources.
Remarks: In addition to the above, special specifications shall be determined through negotiation between the seller and the buyer.

Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications
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Hydrogen Terminated Silicone Oil: Guide

Hydroxy Terminated Silicone Oil also known as Hydroxy Terminated Polydimethylsiloxane. CAS 70900-21-9 silicone oil is a type of silicone oil produced by reacting tetramethyldisiloxane as a capping agent with octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4 for short), using sulfuric acid and other acidic substances as catalysts.
The molecular weight and hydrogen content of the product differ depending on the ratio of the capping agent to D4 in the preparation of end hydrogen silicone oil. Both ends of the terminated hydrogen silicone oil contain silicon hydrogen bonds, which are sensitive to acid and alkali substances.

Terminated hydrogen silicone oil is non-toxic, odorless and transparent liquid, because the end group in the molecular structure contains active Si-H bond, so it has higher activity than 203, CAS 70900-21-9 silicone oil is an important key reactive intermediate.
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