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Vinyltriisopropenoxysilane cas 15332-99-7


Chemical Name:Vinyltriisopropenoxysilane
Product Category:Vinyl SilaneSilanes
Mol File:15332-99-7.mol
CAS No.:15332-99-7
Molecular Formula:C11H18O3Si
Molecular Weight:226.34

Vinyltriisopropenoxysilane Description

Vinyltriisopropenoxysilane(CAS 15332-99-7) also known as Triisopropenoxyethenylsilane, is a colorless to pale yellow liquid that is soluble in a variety of organic solvents. It has low viscosity and good chemical stability.

Vinyltriisopropenoxysilane has a low surface tension, making it an important additive in industries such as coatings and inks. Due to the presence of vinyl and oxy groups in its molecular structure, Vinyltriisopropenoxysilane can react chemically with organic and inorganic substances to improve the adhesion and weathering properties of coatings and inks.
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Vinyltriisopropenoxysilane: Guide

Vinyltriisopropenoxysilane can also be used as a surfactant in the textile and leather industries. Due to the presence of triisopropoxy and vinyl in its molecular structure, CAS 15332-99-7 silane can form a protective film on the surface of textiles and leather, improving their resistance to water and pollution.

In addition to being used as a cross-linking agent for room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, it can also be used as a cross-linking agent with excellent performance to provide superior quality for silicone rubber production.
It can be used as hydroxyl scavenger to enhance the storage stability of rubber and avoid premature maturity.
Can be used as silicone-based reagent, chain extender and for the preparation of alkoxy-capped polymers.
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