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3-Chloropropylmethyldimethoxysilane cas 18171-19-2


Chemical Name:3-Chloropropylmethyldimethoxysilane
Alias:(3-Chloropropyl)dimethoxymethyl-silane, CFS-192
Product Category:Chloropropyl Silane | Silanes
Structural Formula:18171-19-2
CAS NO.:18171-19-2
Molecular formula:C6H15ClO2Si
Molecular Weight:182.05300

3-Chloropropylmethyldimethoxysilane Description

3-Chloropropylmethyldimethoxysilane (CAS 18171-19-2), abbreviated as CFS-192, is a colorless and transparent liquid, soluble in a variety of organic solvents, hydrolyzed in contact with water.CFS-192 silane is a very versatile intermediate, can be used for the preparation of a variety of coupling agents, but also used in the preparation of special silicone oils and so on. CFS-192 silane is a very versatile intermediate, which can be used to prepare a variety of coupling agents, and can also be used to prepare special silicone oil, etc.
Chemical name3-Chloropropylmethyl dimethoxysilane
(3-Chloropropyl)methyldimethoxysilane; CF-192
Equivalent Product NameShinEtsu KBM-702.
Boiling Point70-72°C /1.47KPa
Flash Point45°C
Refractive Index (nD20)1.4250-1.4270
AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
DissolvabilityBe soluble in various organic solvents. It is easy to be hydrolyzed under the affect of water
UsesIt is a kind of widely used intermediate which can be used to make various coupling agents and special silicone oil.
The intensity of polyurethane elastomer can be improved by introducing polar group (chloropropyl) in rubber industry. Also, it can be used to compound vulcanized rubber with low penetration, rolling resistance, high elasticity and extension rate. It can also be used to make bulletproof solid tire in military.
It can be used to control dialysis of polyvinyl chloride plasticizer to keep PVC clean; it can be used as absorbent of polyurethane foam to improve its weatherability in plastic industry.
It can be made into fabric treatment agent in textile industry which can soften and elasticize the fabric, prevent fabric getting yellowed and improve its dyeing property.
It can be made into electronegative toner used in the area of xerography and image developing in printing industry.
Transportation & Safety info
  • UN No.: UN 1993
  • Transport hazard class(es) :  3
  • Packing group: III
  • Our standard packing is net 25kg / 200 kg drums / 1000kg/IBC,or according to your requirements.
  • Provided for free
Inventory items
  • 6 tons.

Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications
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3-Chloropropylmethyldimethoxysilane : Guide

CFS-192 silane can be used in the plastics industry to inhibit the separation of PVC, and can also be used as an absorbent for polyimide ester foams, and can also be used in the textile industry as a textile treatment agent.Applications:
1. CFS-192 can be used to prepare many kinds of silane coupling agent, also can be used to prepare special silicone oil.
2. CFS-192 can be used in the rubber industry to improve the strength of polyurethane elastomers by introducing polar genes (chloropropyl);
3. CFS-192 can be used to synthesize vulcanized rubber^ with lower permeability rolling resistance and higher elasticity and elongation;
4. CFS-192 can be used in the plastics industry to effectively inhibit the seepage of polychloroethylene frying (PVC ) plasticizers, so that PVC can be kept hygienic for a long time;
5. CFS-192 can be used as an absorber of ultraviolet rays in urethane foam, improving the error resistance of plastic foam;
6. CFS-192 in the textile industry, can be made into fabric finishing agent, make the fabric soft with elasticity, and can prevent the fabric from yellowing, improve the dyeing performance of fabric.
7. CFS-192 can be made into negative electrically charged color mixing agent in printing industry, used in electrostatic copying, image development and so on;
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