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3-(2-Aminoethylamino) propyl- dimethoxymethylsilane CAS 3069-29-2


Chemical Name:3-(2-Aminoethylamino)propyl-dimethoxymethylsilane
Product Category:CAS 3069-29-2 Amino SilaneSilanes 
Structural Formula:3-2-Aminoethylaminopropyl-dimethoxymethylsilane
CAS NO.:3069-29-2
Molecular formula:C8H22N2O2Si
Molecular Weight:206.14500

3-(2-Aminoethylamino) propyl- dimethoxymethylsilane

3-(2-Aminoethylamino)propyl-dimethoxymethylsilane (CAS No. 3069-29-2) is a colorless transparent liquid.
CAS 3069-29-2 Amino Silane is an amino-functional silane used as an adhesion promoter between inorganic materials (glass, metals, fillers, etc. ) and organic polymers (thermosets, thermoplastics and elastomers) and as a surface modifier.

Product Name3-(2-Aminoethylamino) propyl – Dimethoxymethyl silane
Product CategoryCAS 3069-29-2 Amino Silane – Silane Coupling Agent
Physical PropertiesColorless to yellowish transparent liquid,soluble in many common organic solvents such as ethanol, aether, toluene, dimethylbenzene etc. Easily hydrolyzing after damped.
Chemical Properties

CAS 3069-29-2 Amino Silane is diamino functional silans that may be used over a broad range of applications.

They are used to promote the adhesion of amino-reactive resins such as silicone, salivated polyurethane, two-part urethanes and two-part epoxies to inorganic surfaces, plastic surfa

Refractive index(n25D)1.4400~1.4550
Density(25°C),g / cm30.965-0.975
Boiling Point232°C
Flash Point93°C
DissolvabilityIt is soluble in solvents, such as ethanol, ether, acetone, toluene and xylene etc, and easy to be hydrolyzed when get damp.
UsesThis product is a kind of super-soft finishing agent for various organosilicon, by which the modified silicone oil would get greater fiber affinity, and then obtains features of soft, smooth, pendulous, anti-static, washable and anti-crease etc.
It can be used in silane curing and polysulfide sealant (gets). And the single/double component can couple ( penetrate) with silicone (polysulfide) sealant to improve the adhesion to base materials (cement. copper and glass etc.), in light color and arising curing bubble.
Be used in phenolic aldehyde and epoxy resin to improve the intensity of composite materials and wet electric property under the condition of low frequency.
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CAS 3069-29-2 Amino Silane: Guide

CAS 3069-29-2 Amino Silane, known as N-(2-aminoethyl)-3-aminopropylmethyldimethoxysilane, is a diaminofunctional silane that can be used in a wide range of applications. It is used to promote bonding between inorganic and organic surfaces, fillers or reinforcing materials, and resins reacted with amines.Potential applications

  • Used as a polysulfide, PVC plasticizing sol,
    Silicone, one-component and two-component polyurethane, as well as epoxy adhesives and sealants in the adhesion promoter.
  •  used as additives for phenolic and epoxy molding compounds.  Can also be used as additives for latex coatings, adhesives and sealants.
  •  Used as an additive to eliminate the need for special primers in many bonding applications.
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