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γ-Ureapropyltrimethoxysilane cas 23843-64-3


Chemical Name:3-Ureidopropyltrimethoxysilane
Alias:1-[3- (Trimethoxysilyl) Propyl]Urea
Product Category:CAS 23843-64-3 Amino Silane | Product
Structural Formula:23843-64-3
CAS NO.:23843-64-3
Molecular formula:C7H18N2O4Si
Molecular Weight:222.10400

3-Ureidopropyltrimethoxysilane Description

3-Ureidopropyltrimethoxysilane (CAS 23843-64-3) is a colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, a methoxysilane ester reactive group that is rapidly hydrolyzed. It is specially formulated to enhance excellent adhesion in a wide range of applications including resins, substrates, fillers and reinforcements.
CAS 23843-64-3 silane contains no alcohol or other solvent diluents. These properties make it an excellent choice for reactive polymer systems such as isocyanate-capped polyurethane polymers.
Refractive index(n25D)1.4000~1.4400
Usesγ-Ureapropyltrimethoxysilane provides superior elongation, flexibility and spreading at the interface as a coupling agent. Improve adhesion between glass, mineral and metal surfaces and amino-reactive resins. Improves adhesion,while maintaining good shelf stability as an additive in waterborne systems
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Transportation & Safety info
  • UN No.: UN 2735
  • Transport hazard class(es) :  8
  • Packing group: III
  • Our standard packing is net 25kg / 200 kg drums / 1000kg/IBC,or according to your requirements.
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Inventory items
  • 5.5 tons

Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications
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3-Ureidopropyltrimethoxysilane: Guide

3-Ureidopropyltrimethoxysilane capped magnetic nanoparticles can be used as catalyst supports for immobilizing the surface enzymes and nanoparticles. It may be used in the silanization of ceria that finds potential applications as medical agents.

As a metal surface rust inhibitor, it has special effects. It can treat metal surfaces such as gold, silver, copper, etc., which can improve its corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and improve its substitution performance for polymer materials. Widely applicable to thermosetting and thermoplastic polymer materials, such as epoxy, cyanide, phenol sulfonate, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polyyan, etc.

Especially effective in the rubber industry, it can improve its mechanical properties, improve wear resistance, reduce permanent deformation, suitable for NR, EPDM, SBR, polysulfide rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, neoprene and polyurethane Rubber etc.
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