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3-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane CAS 13822-56-5


Chemical Name:3-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane
Alias:γ-Aminopropyl Trimethoxysilane
Product Category:CAS 13822-56-5 Amino Silane | Silanes
Structural Formula:13822-56-5
CAS NO.:13822-56-5
Molecular formula:C6H17NO3Si
Molecular Weight:221.14500

AcylSilane / Acyloxy Silanes

3-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (CAS No. 13822-56-5), is a colorless to light yellow multifunctional amino-functional coupling agent. It is a functional silane with amines and hydrolyzable methoxy groups that provide excellent adhesion between inorganic substrates and organic polymers. The primary amine functional group reacts with a wide range of thermoset, thermoplastic and elastomeric materials.
Product Name3-Acryloxypropyltrimethoxy silane
Equivalent Product NameMomentive A-1110, Dow Corning Z-6094, Wacker GENIOSIL GF96, Degussa AMMO, ShinEtsu KBM-903.
Equivalent Chemical Name3-(Trimethoxysilyl) -1-propanamine; 3-Aminopropy ltrimethoxysilane; (3-Aminopropyl) trimethoxysilane; (3-Aminopropyl) trimethoxysilane;
Physical PropertiesColorless to yellowish transparent liquid.
Chemical PropertiesSilane Coupling Agent RS-A111 (3-Aminopropyl)ethoxysilane (APTES) is used as an aminosilane, mainly as a dispersing agent. APTES attaches amino groups to functional silanes for bioconjugation.
AppearanceColorless to yellowish transparent liquid
Refractive index(n25D)1.4165~1.4265
Density(25°C),g / cm31.010-1.020
Boiling Point91-92°C/15mmHg
Flash Point87°C
DissolvabilityBe soluble in benzene and ethyl acetate. It can react with water.
  • Improved adhesion
  • Increased wet and dry tensile strength and modulus to the composite
  • Increased wet and dry flexural strength and modulus to the composite
  • Increased wet and dry compressive strength
  • Improved compatibility between inorganic filler and organic polymer
  • Effective coupling agent for clay reinforced elastomers such as natural and nitrile rubber
  • Effective coupling agent for mineral reinforced nylon 6, nylon 6/6 and polybutyleneterephthalate
  • Fiberglass reinforced phenolic, melamine and epoxy thermoset composites, either as fiberglass finish or as resinous additive
  • Coupling agent for phenolic, melamine and other organic resins used as binders for glass and mineral wood insulation, abrasives and molding components
  • NOT
Transportation & Safety info
  • UN No.: N.A
  • Transport hazard class(es) :  N.A
  • Packing group: N.A
  • Our standard packing is net 25kg / 200 kg drums / 1000kg/IBC,or according to your requirements.
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Packaging Specifications
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3-Acryloxypropyltrimethoxy silane: Guide

3-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane is a kind of organosilane with active amine group and hydrolyzable inorganic methoxymethoxysilane bifunctional group, it is a colorless liquid with special ammonia odor, it is soluble in solvents such as alcohols, chain hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons, etc. It is produced by the addition of chloropropylene and trichlorhydrosilane.
Chloropropyltrichlorosilane is obtained by the addition of chloropropene and trichlorohydrosilane, then reacted with methanol, and the product is obtained by ammoniation and separation.

CAS 13822-56-5 Silane can be used as a surface modifier for inorganic fillers and glass fibers to improve the bonding properties of organic resins and inorganic substrates.
Can be used as a primer or additive in the coatings and sealants industry.
Can be used as an adhesion promoter in silane-modified polyurethanes (called SPUR polymers).
Can be used as surface protectants and adhesion promoters to prepare silanized surface treatments for metals.

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