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Trimethylmethoxysilane CAS 1825-61-2


Chemical Name:Trimethylmethoxysilane
Product Category:AlkylsilaneSilanes
Structural Formula:Trimethylmethoxysilane
CAS No.:1825-61-2
Molecular Formula:C4H12OSi
Molecular Weight:104.22

Trimethylmethoxysilane Description

Trimethylmethoxysilane also known as Methoxytrimethylsilane, CAS 1825-61-2. It can be used as a precursor, which can change the degree of cross-linking within the aerogel, thus making the aerogel flexible; flexible SiO2 aerogels are prepared by adjusting the ratio of trimethoxysilane to solvent, and then selecting a suitable phase change core.

Trimethylmethoxysilane is used as a capping agent for silicone oils, straight chain polysiloxanes, and there is a silane coupling agent with huge uses.
Boiling Point57-58°C(lit.)
Refractive Indexn20/D1.366(lit.)
Flash Point-11°C
Storage ConditionsInertatmosphere,RoomTemperature
AppearanceClearcolorless Liquid
PackagingTrimethylmethoxysilane can be packed in 25KG plastic drum or 200KG plastic drum or iron drum. We can also provide other specifications according to your needs.
StorageTrimethylmethoxysilane should be sealed and stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, protected from light, moisture-proof and fire-proof, to ensure that the lid is well sealed and can effectively isolate the air. The moisture in the air will react quickly with it, leading to hydrolysis and polymerization. The storage period of the original packaging product is one year. This product is irritating to the skin and eyes. If it touches the skin, wash it with soap; if it touches the eyes, rinse it with plenty of water in time.
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Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications
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Trimethylmethoxysilane: Guide

Methoxytrimethylsilane is a colorless, transparent liquid with low viscosity and low surface tension, and is a commonly used surfactant and lubricant.

The main use of methoxytrimethylsilane is as a surfactant. It reduces the surface tension of liquids, making them easier to wet solid surfaces. This compound can be added to a variety of detergents, lubricants and coatings to improve their performance. For example, the addition of methoxytrimethylsilane to detergents makes it easier for the detergent to penetrate the dirt, thus cleaning the surface more effectively. Adding methoxytrimethylsilane to lubricants reduces friction and wear, thereby extending the life of the machine. Adding methoxytrimethylsilane to coatings improves adhesion and water resistance. …
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