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Methylpropyldimethoxysilane CAS 18173-73-4


Chemical Name:Methylpropyldimethoxysilane
Alias:Dimethoxymethylpropyl-Silane, N-Propyl Methyl Dimethoxysilane
Product Category:AlkylsilaneSilanes
Structural Formula:N-Propyl-Methyl-Dimethoxysilane
CAS No.:18173-73-4
Molecular Formula:C6H16O2Si
Molecular Weight:148.27600

Methylpropyldimethoxysilane Description

Methylpropyldimethoxysilane(CAS 18173-73-4) is also known as dimethoxymethylpropyl-Silane or N-Propyl Methyl Dimethoxysilane.

CAS 18173-73-4 silane is a colorless, alcohol-like smelling organosilicon compound that is an important organosilicon compound with a wide range of applications in several fields.
Aliasdimethoxymethylpropyl-Silane, N-Propyl Methyl Dimethoxysilane
Boiling point126ºC
Flash point9.2ºC
Vapor pressure18.1mmHg at 25°C
Refractive index1.3931
Storage conditions2~8°C
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Methylpropyldimethoxysilane : Guide

Methylpropyldimethoxysilane has a low surface tension and viscosity, and is able to diffuse and dissolve quickly in liquids, so it has important applications in surface treatment and coatings. It can be used as a coating additive to increase the adhesion and corrosion resistance of coatings. In addition, CAS 18173-73-4 Alkylsilane can be used as a surfactant to improve the wetting properties of liquids and increase the tension of liquids on solid surfaces.

Dimethoxymethylpropyl-Silane can also be used to prepare silicone polymers. Organosilicon polymers have excellent heat resistance, weather resistance and chemical stability, and are widely used in plastics, rubber, coatings and other fields. It can be used as a precursor for organosilicon polymers to form polymer materials through polymerization reactions.

CAS 18173-73-4 silane can also be used to prepare silicone resins. Organosilicone resin is a polymer material with excellent insulating properties, resistance…
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