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1,2-bis(triethoxy)silylethane cas 16068-37-4


Chemical Name:1,2-bis(triethoxy)silylethane
Product Category:CAS 16068-37-4 AlkylsilaneSilanes
Structural Formula:12-bistriethoxysilylethane
CAS No.:16068-37-4
Molecular Formula:C14H34O6Si2
Molecular Weight:354.59

1,2-bis(triethoxy)silylethane​ Description

1,2-bis(triethoxy)silylethane Cas 16068-37-4. It is a non-functional and a double trialkoxysilyl precursor. CAS 16068-37-4 Alkylsilane is an organic synthetic intermediate and pharmaceutical intermediate, which can be used in laboratory research and development process and chemical production process.
CAS 16068-37-4 Alkylsilane is used as coating auxiliary agents, leather auxiliary agents, plastic auxiliary agents, surfactants and textile auxiliary agents. It is used to prepare mesoporous organosilica materials.
Synonyms ((triethoxysilyl)ethyl) triethoxysilane; [(Triethoxysilyl) ethyl]triethoxysilane; 1,1,1,4,4,4-Hexaethoxy-1,4-disilabutane; 1,2-(Triethoxysilyl)ethane; 1,2-Bis(3-(triethoxy) silylpropyl)ethane; 1,2-Bis(3-ethoxysilyl)ethane
AppearancePowder and Colorless liquid
Melting Point-20-10°C
Boiling Point119 °C
Density0.958 g/mL at 25 °C
StorageKeep in dark place,Sealed in dry,Room Temperature
ApplicationOrganic raw materials; Synthesis; Organic chemical raw materials; Chemical raw materials
Usage1, 2-bis (triethoxysilyl) ethan e is an organic synthetic intermediate and a pharmaceutical intermediate that can be used in laboratory research and development processes and chemical production processes.
Packaging1,2-bis(triethoxy)silylethane can be packed in 25KG plastic drum or 200KG plastic drum or iron drum. We can also provide other specifications according to your needs.
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Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications
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1,2-bis(triethoxy)silylethane: Guide

1, 2-Bis(triethoxysilyl)ethane (CAS No. 16068-37-4), It is a new type ograno-functional silane which contains 2 silyl groups, this unique structure enable it to have a better adhension to dry/wet surfaces, stronger and weather resistance bond.

It has some application as below:
  • RTV silicone sealants: To enhance the adhension to the dry or wet surfaces and could form a stronger and weather resistance bond.
  • Metal surface treatment: The toxic properties of chromates have caused an environmental demand on replacement of the chromium (VI) compound coating processes (chromating). One of the suggested methods is a silane coating. with bis-silyl functional has six hydrolyzable groups and are believed to be more crosslinked than triand tetra-functional analogs. The enhanced crosslinking leads to better barrier properties in anticorrosion applications.
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