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3-(Methacryloxy) propylmethyldiethoxysilane CAS 65100-04-1

3-(Methacryloxy) propylmethyldiethoxysilane

Chemical Name:3-(Methacryloxy) propylmethyldiethoxysilane
Alias:3-(Diethoxymethylsilyl)propyl methacrylate
Product Category:CAS 2602-34-8 Acyloxy Silanes | Silanes
CAS NO.:65100-04-1
Molecular Weight:260.4
Molecular Formula:65100-04-1
Appearance:Colorless Liquid
Density:0.965 (ρ20)g/cm3

3-(Methacryloxy) propylmethyldiethoxysilane Description

3-Methacryloxypropyltriethoxysilane,CAS No. 65100-04-1,Suitable for polyethylene and copolymers of various complex shapes and densities; suitable for larger processing tolerance, filled composites, etc., with high service temperature, excellent pressure cracking resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance; can be grafted onto the main chain of polymer to modify other polymers such as polyethylene, so that its side chain has the ester group as the active point of warm water crosslinking. It can be grafted onto the main chain of polymers to modify other polymers, such as polyethylene, so that its side chain has the ester group of this product as the active point of warm water crosslinking.\
Product Name3-Methacryloxypropyltriethoxysilane
Synonyms3-(Diethoxymethylsilyl)propyl methacrylate
Melting Point<0°C
Boiling point95 °C
Bulk Density0.965 g/mL at 20 °C(lit.)
Refractive index1.433 (n25D)
Applicationswhite carbon black
Package5kg/drum, 20kg/ctn. Sealed and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, moisture-proof and water-proof, away from fire and heat source.
  • Used for glass fiber, it can effectively improve the adhesion between the mechanical properties (bending strength, tensile strength, etc.) of its glass fiber products and the matrix (a variety of resins, including thermosetting and thermoplastic, etc.).
  • Used for copolymerization and grafting with acrylic resin on coatings. Used as a crosslinking agent for acrylic coatings, it can improve the weather resistance of acrylic coatings, prolong the service life, and increase the crosslinking density, so that the hardness of the coating film can reach more than 5H (pencil hardness).
  • It can effectively improve the hydrophobicity of insulating oil; improve the mechanical properties of polyester concrete.
  • Used as a post-additive for inks and coatings, it can make inks and coatings have excellent film-forming hardness and brightness; improve the adhesion of optical fiber coatings.
  • Through polycondensation or copolymerization to form methacryloyloxy-containing silicone oil, this type of silicone oil can copolymerize with styrene, acrylic acid, acrylate, etc. by using methacryloyloxy radical reactivity to give acrylic resin and polystyrene resin With the characteristics of heat resistance, smoothness, and weather resistance.
  • In the presence of a photosensitizer, it can be cross-linked and cured by ultraviolet light, and it has become one of the main varieties of silicone anti-adhesive release agents.
  • As a reinforcing agent and crosslinking accelerator, it is widely used in composite materials, coatings, inks, glues, and sealing materials. It can also be used as resin modification additives and enzyme fixatives.
  • As a cross-linking agent, it can be used for silane cross-linked polyethylene cables and pipes; in the wire and cable industry, use this coupling agent to treat the EPDM system filled with peroxide cross-linked by the coupling agent to improve the consumption factor and specific inductance and capacitive reactance.
  • Copolymerized with vinyl acetate and acrylic or methacrylic monomers. These polymers are widely used in coatings, adhesives and sealants to provide excellent adhesion and durability.

Packaging Specifications

Packaging Specifications
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3-(Methacryloxy) propylmethyldiethoxysilane: Guide

3-Methacryloxypropylmethyldiethoxysilane, CAS No. 65100-04-1, is a clear liquid.65100-04-1Silane is soluble in methanol, ethanol, isopropyl ester, acetone, benzene, toluene and xylene. Hydrolyzed under acidic conditions.

  1. Used in glass fiber, can greatly improve its mechanical and electrical properties in the wet state.
  2. Used in unsaturated polyester composite materials, it can improve its wet strength and light transmittance.
  3. Used in mineral filler, can improve the wet electrical properties, can be used in wire and cable.
  • 20kgs/plastic drum; · 2. 190kgs/steel drum; · 95 0kgs/IBC
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